How to Level Up fast in Pokemon Go and get to Level 40?

Get lots of XP following this step-by-step guide.

How to Level Up fast in Pokemon Go and get to Level 40? Pokemon Go players worldwide have spent most of the last four and two-and-a-half years trying to reach the current limit of 40. Many have reached this level through the years; however, many aren’t. As the level cap is being raised to 50 by the end of this year, coaches are looking to increase their XP levels to achieve the lofty goal of reaching 40. And it’s essential to get there quickly as there are rewards for completing the milestone by the year’s close. To assist, here’s a guide on quickly increasing your level and getting to the level of 40 within Pokemon GO.

How to Level Up fast in Pokemon Go and get to Level 40?

How to Increase Your Level of Performance

It’s the best opportunity to increase your levels quickly within the game, as the new event starts on November 18th, at 1pm PST that will grant you additional (up to double) the amount of XP you earn for every action you perform. The XP can be achieved in various ways while playing Pokemon GO, but some are more valuable than others. The ability to catch and develop Pokemon and hatching eggs and earn an additional Pokedex entry are all enhanced from today and through the close of the year; therefore, simply playing the game for longer during this time can prove to be highly beneficial.

The next couple of months can be an ideal way to earn lots of XP quickly, particularly as they’re likely to give twice the usual amount. If you own a Pokemon GO Plus device or the Poke Ball Plus, try to keep it on and connected as often as possible (and utilize the Lucky Egg if you have an extra). Additionally, they play Poke Stops for you, earning you a small amount of XP. When you’re trying for the level of 40, every bit of help. Suppose you can go to areas with high traffic, particularly ones you’ve not been to before, so you can avail yourself of the latest Poke Stop bonus. In that case, you will accumulate a lot of experience quickly.

Apart from the bonuses, There are various ways to earn lots of XP quickly. The most well-known is the mass evolution technique. This is when you accumulate cheap evolutions to easily obtainable Pokemon, like Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie, and Weedle, or their successors from later generations. Store enough that it will take about 30 minutes to complete them. You can also utilize a Lucky Egg and try to get as many of them as possible. Entering “evolve” within the search box on the Pokemon screen will reveal the ones that can be transformed, reducing the time required to go through them all.

One thing you’ll want to monitor is your friends’ levels. Attaining the Best Friend status can earn the user 100,000 points (Ultra Friend earns 50,000). Suppose you can watch this and be precise. You can use a Lucky Egg before completing the final gift transaction or interaction to increase the. You can then finish off the egg by completing some evolutions. In this year’s 12 Days of Friendship event, these levels will increase more than usual, providing plenty of ways to gain more XP.

How to Level Up fast in Pokemon Go and get to Level 40?

Raids also provide an excellent source of XP (especially during the 12 Days of Friendship event). Using the Lucky Egg before one of these events will provide you with many different experiences, particularly if you can link raids, for example, during the Raid Hour or other events. Legendary raids give the most significant rewards, so concentrate on them or other top-quality players. Take on as many as you can. Make sure you read our counter-guides if you require assistance, and you should earn plenty of XP. The best, fastest way to increase your current level is to concentrate on completing all tasks. Fighting, developing, and winning raids are the most effective options. Add Lucky Eggs to receive even greater bonus points than the normal. How much will you need to get to 40?

How to reach Level 40

Every new stage added to Pokemon GO requires a lot of XP extra to climb up. The progression isn’t linear; reaching level 39 may appear to be a step closer, but there’s still an extensive way to go. It will take 20 million XP to achieve Level 40 of the game. The final goal is to gain 5 million experiences after reaching level 39. This is only 3 million XP to stage up to 15.2 million. This means that a quarter of the XP you’ll need during the game is gained from levels 39 to 40. The XP increases at the end of the year will be a massive aid in making it appear less of an ascent and more like an ongoing progression. However, there’s still a lot to complete according to the level you’re currently at. Below are the last 5 levels and the amount of XP they’ll need…

How to Level Up fast in Pokemon Go and get to Level 40?

Level 36. Make 1.5 million XP

Total XP — 7.5 million

Level 37 Get 2 Million XP

Total XP (9.5 million) 9.5 million

Level 38 Get 2.5 million XP

Total XP – 12 Million

Level 39 3 million XP

Total 15 million XP

Level 40-5 million XP

Total 20 million XP

This should help you quickly increase your level and reach 40 on Pokemon GO.

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