Pokemon GO How to Compete for Other Players in Great League Battle


Pokemon Go: Compete against the best either at home or out on the streets.

League is the entry-level battle league available in Pokemon GO. But that does not mean that you should not be participating. These games will help you prepare for competition with higher ranking players in other leagues. And can be included in a Special Research purpose, such as this year’s Seven-Coloured Shadow challenge. We will go over the various ways to play the battle of your favorite Pokemon in competition with fellow Great League trainers.

how to battle in pokemon go

In the beginning, you’ll have to create a suitable team to be able to compete. This tier isn’t without its limitations. With not having Pokemon with more than 1500 CP. However, we have for you. So check the following list of Great League Pokemon ranked. Before you begin to challenge your opponents.

Pokemon Go: Battle League

  • Click the Pokeball located in the middle on display.
  • After you have found the menu, press “Battle” at the top right-hand corner.
  • Then you’ll land on the “Go Battle League” page. You can check your team’s status on the right side. Or dive right into the battle using the option to ‘Battle’ down the first page.
  • When you’re on the “Choose Your Team screen, choose Great League, and you’ll enter PvP.

One of the most evident and most popular fighting methods on Pokemon GO is through the Battle League. There you get rewards for beating your foes and rise up to compete against the best players.

how to battle in pokemon go

Pokemon Go: Close Range

  • Click ‘Near By” in the bottom right on display.
  • If trainers are within the range, you’ll be given the option of ‘Challenge a trainer.’
  • Scan the QR code on the opponent’s screen, or ask their scanners to read yours.

You can guess by the name. This method is only available if you’re close to a player. It’s not necessary to be close to each other to start the battle. However, make sure you include your opponent on the friend list. When you’re ready to rematch the battle since it will be impossible to compete again once you’ve parted ways.

how to battle in pokemon go

Pokemon Go: Long Range

  • Your profile will appear in the lower-left corner on display.
  • Click on the tab ‘Friends’ and identify an opponent.
  • At the screen’s bottom, you will find the choice to click ‘Battle.’ After clicking, your friend will be sent an email, and the battle will begin.

Make sure to note that this method can only be used with Ultra and Best Friends. Therefore, be sure to give and unwrap the ones you’ve received frequently. The long-range method of fighting is the best method to test teams with friends. In addition, it can prepare you for the competitive aspects that come in the ranked battle League.

how to battle in pokemon go

Here you go, the three ways to fight your opponent in a Great League battle. If you’re looking to be adventurous. You can also take the alternative via Battle League. Battle League to test The Great League Remix that limits the use of the popular Great League tier Pokemon. And will test your team-building abilities. Once you’ve got the hang of these games. You can try to discover an even more powerful Pokemon. That you can use for your opponents in the Ultra or Master Leagues.

Pokemon Go is now available on Android as well as iOS gadgets.


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